Wolf to Let Budget Dogs Lie

Politicians love the soft, safe side of leadership. Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) is as fickle as they come. Let’s advance the story just a bit.

Elite political figures like to be able to appear to be neutral on decisions that require staking out a position. In this sense, Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s CEO, is a seasoned expert.

Budgets involve money, the people’s money. And this is a zone where Wolf wants to “appear” neutral in order to point his finger at and thus blame Pennsylvania’s deadlocked legislature.

Forgetting, of course, that all money in every State treasury is the money loaned by the people to what used to be a position of stewardship, where frugality was paramount.

That was then, we are dealing with now. Pennsylvania’s budget is like many others, running a deficit. Wolf, Mr. strength and resolve, stated, “”Paying for what has been appropriated must be done with sustainable, recurring and sufficient revenues.”

Watch out Pennsylvania conservatives! The code words are “sustainable, recurring and sufficient revenues.” May I translate? Simple put, we need the people to pay more.

Of course in these budget battles there is a lot of emotional rhetoric thrown about. We have heard them before. Our schools may suffer… healthcare services will be delayed… law enforcement will be hampered… firefighters may not be able to perform, these are but a few of the worn out, guilt trip, fear inducing tactics used by politicians to further tax us and rob us of liberty.

One of the revenue measures is a proposed hike on tobacco products, specifically an increase of $1.00 per pack of cigarettes, taking the tax to a high of $2.60 per pack. And yes, this is shrouded in language about “Tobacco Free Kids.” Another proposal to cover Pennsylvania’s overspending is a tax on Internet gaming.

We have all wised up to the smoke screen lies used by Politicians to increase spending as a means to perpetuate their power. Reckless spending, centered on special interest voting blocks is an anathema to freedom. Slowly but predictably, government enslaves us by controlling the amount of money we get to keep.

iVotePennsylvania would recommend all conservatives to study the Pennsylvania GOP message regarding the State budget and how it is being handled.

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