Losing and the Law of Diminishing Return

iVoteAmerica Donald Trump WisconsinDonald Trump understands real estate concepts such as return on investment and net gain. But, this is not real estate, is it?

The run-up to and the result of the Wisconsin primary is teaching the Donald a lesson about the law of diminishing return.

The Trump campaign was slapped around for two weeks over misstatements (aka, stupid comments) about exacting “some form of punishment” from women who have abortions, nuclear weapons for Japan and South Korea and dismantling the NATO alliance. And of course, there were the Trump tweets accompanied by side-to-side images of the candidate’s spouses. The media was all over Mr. Trump.

Trump’s justification for his foreign policy positions continues to emanate from the underlying proposition that America is just doing too much for the international community and we can no longer afford to sustain relationships that deliver a poor return on investment. To Donald, it’s always the money.

Ted Cruz, seized the opportunity in a masterful way, using Trump’s words to drive home the dangerous proposition of electing a candidate whose policy positions are drawn from the flippant shallow pool of naivety and inexperience. Trump’s policy designs are seemingly crafted and cultivated in his late night tweets and his remarkably infantile understanding of how the world works.

Trump has felt the burn and it’s not Bernie Sanders. Indeed, the Wisconsin voters were blessed to hear Trump’s aging and tired campaign rhetoric… and, they weren’t buying what Donald was selling and shoveling.

Donald Trump is now headed into oncoming political traffic and it’s rush hour. Month’s ago, Mr. Trump labeled people “losers” and unwittingly set himself up for a Humpty-Dumpty fall. The kings men (campaign staff) are scrambling around attempting to put Trump together again.

Losing always sobers candidates, taking them out of their self-induced egotistical stupors. Trump’s campaign may have finally peaked. On the morning after, Donald Trump is discovering the rhetoric, insults and cute one-liners are now delivering a diminishing and highly unproductive return on investment.

Is it possible for Donald Trump to be presidential? We are likely headed to a floor battle at the Republican National Convention, where Trump will need to have settled this question. If not, the establishment will use him and Senator Cruz to seize the moment to serve its own purposes.

The law of diminishing returns is working against Donald Trump and losing is becoming his instructor. Trump will now be scrubbed down and polished up by his surrogates but it is doubtful the sow’s ear can be transformed into a believable and marketable silk purse.

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