Pennsylvania says “RIGGED!”

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, FBI Director James Comey stepped to the podium and delivered one of the most diluted and obvious political diatribes since Watergate.

“Rigged” is the term being bantered about by Donald Trump and a cadre of conservatives, including Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. Pennsylvania conservatives have long known that Washington power-politics is rigged.

Yes, let’s admit it, finally, and come out of the closet. There are laws for us and their are laws for them (the career politicians).

The fallout is increasing in its intensity as voters realize, or in most cases, confirm, that indeed things are rigged in Washington and within it elitist class of career politicians and bureaucrats.

Comey, reciting chapter and verse from Federal law, delivered a scorching litany of laws that had been broken by Hillary Clinton and her surrogates. Then, in complete shock, overstepped his bounds and stated his opinion that it is unlikely that a career prosecutor would bring charges.

The multiple servers, the tens of thousands of emails that are completely eradicated by Clinton and her legal advisers, the breaches in the protection of secret and even top secret material all stacked up against the former Secretary of State in a compelling argument for prosecution.

But there will be no recommendation for prosecution from Comey to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who last week met secretly for more than 30 minutes with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at Phoenix International Airport.

It remains to be seen how the Republicans will use the issue in the run up to the Presidential conventions and ultimately the election in November. But, things are already heating up on the campaign trail and in Trumps Twitter account where he confirmed his message to America that the system is rigged.

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