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iVoteColorado Clinton Vs Trump

Clinton Versus Trump will Change America

Like no other election in the past century, the the outcome of the showdown between Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald ...
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iVoteAmerica Donald Trump Wisconsin Primary

Losing and the Law of Diminishing Return

Donald Trump understands real estate concepts such as return on investment and net gain. But, this is not real estate, is ...
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iVoteAmerica LevinTV Logo

Levin Launches TV Broadcast

iVoteAmerica just subscribed to Mark Levin's TV Broadcast, his newest and perhaps most dynamic venture to date. After spending considerable ...
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iVoteAmerica Nikki Haley

RINO Haley Endorses RINO Rubio

There are endorsements... and, there are ENDORSEMENTS. Rubio picked up a politically motivated and calculated endorsement from Governor Nikki Haley, ...
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iVoteAmerica Antonin Scalia

America’s Supreme Constitutional Jurist

News of the passing of America's supreme constitutional jurist, Antonin Gregory Scalia, shocked conservatives. His passing leaves a gaping wound ...
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iVoteIowa Caucus 2016

Cruz Thumps Trump

Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus! The top three Republican contenders each engaged their teams at post election gatherings ...
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